[bf1942] BF1942 / BFV servers not showing in ASE

Andreas Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Thu Apr 29 03:07:24 EDT 2004

UDPSoft provides us with a binary only ASE SDK which we link with to produce
our binaries.
The game name and other information is hardcoded into this library. BF:V was
linked with
the BF1942 version of this library because there was a human error involved,
so essentially
it just takes a relink on DICE Canada's part.

But you should all know by now that releasing a new version of BF requires
us to go to a
lot of testing so I guess this change will be rolled into the upcoming patch
for BF:V.

// Andreas

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> Subject: [bf1942] BF1942 / BFV servers not showing in ASE
> Can anyone at Dice give some weight to this as its a MAJOR 
> issue. I've detailed the fix for them, its a bug in their 
> master, but I've failed to get any official response from 
> them in either the forums or my several emails to their 
> contract addresses.
> The details are covered on their forums here: 
> http://www.udpsoft.com/forum/topic.cgi?forum=3&topic=1491&star

The fix should be a simple one and I'd even go so far as offering my
services free of charge to track down and fix the code if required, under
NDA of course.

I'm sure if someone at Dice got in contact with updsoft 
we could see a fix in days. Its your games that are being disruppted by this
bug so we'd all benefit from it getting fixed in a timely manor.

    Steve / K

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