[bf1942] What's happening DICE?

Steve Getman steve at lightcubed.com
Thu Apr 22 11:51:43 EDT 2004


I don't have the time myself but I'll ask the forum mods to compile a more
succinct bug list as was done for BF42.  Assuming one or more of them step
up that should make the job easier for you.


Steve Getman
steve at lightcubed.com

<quote who="Andy Berdan">
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>> What's going on with the servers right now? Any chance of an
>> update to fix the problems with the BFV server? It's been very
>> quiet on this list lately (virus emails aside). Has work
>> stopped entirely on the current server code in favour of BF2
>> or something?
> As Andreas mentioned, DICE Canada is the party responsible for BF:V.  We
> don't have anything to do with BF2, besides drooling over it.
> We've been actively working on the first BF:V patch since ship date (minus
> a
> day or two off to regain our collective sanity).  The problems with the
> server (particularly lag) have been a very high priority, and a lot of
> effort has been put in to improving that (and other issues).
> I've not been keeping up with the forums very regularly -- that's almost a
> full time job.  :)  If there's something important that needs to be
> addressed, post it on this mailing list, and I'll see it (well, *should*
> see
> it... I made some broken email filters that screwed up my email account
> for
> a couple days... Fixed now).
> BTW, thanks to all those who contributed the XML ideas.  They were very
> useful suggestions, and I'll be using as many of them as I can.
> Andy.
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