BFV / BF1942 win32 server process issue

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Thu Apr 22 09:00:01 EDT 2004

RE: [bf1942] What's happening DICE?OT I know but needs fixing :)

Could we get the win32 server process issue fixed in BFV.
The issue is that under win32 when the new map is loaded
a new process is created just like unix but unlike unix
a new win32 process doesn't hold the console etc.
This means that servers started in command prompts or
under monitoring scripts fail to function correctly after the
first map change. In the case of a monitoring script a failure
is detected as the old process quits ( unlike under unix
where exec is used and hence just replaces the current
running image ). As a straight cmd prompt the server
console becomes unusable.

The solution would be change the win32 design to have
a control process which restarts the server on map change.
The control process is started by the user which creates the
server process and then waits on it. When the server process
hits map change it just quits with a specific exit code say
exit code 2 this is detected by the control process and
restarts the server process ( new map ). Note it should only
restart the server by default on map change but adding a
switch to restart on failure might also help others
e.g. +restart 1
The same design could be used for both unix and win32
to keep the code common.

    Steve / K 

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