[bf1942] What's happening DICE?

Kingsley Foreman kingsley at internode.com.au
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RE: [bf1942] What's happening DICE?the biggest thing bugging me atm apart from the server lag is

the fact that gamespy query or logs or game.listplayers list the pb or guid keys like it does in bf42,

It makes it very hard to keep order of troublesome players

thank u

Kingsley :)

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  > What's going on with the servers right now? Any chance of an 
  > update to fix the problems with the BFV server? It's been very 
  > quiet on this list lately (virus emails aside). Has work 
  > stopped entirely on the current server code in favour of BF2 
  > or something? 

  As Andreas mentioned, DICE Canada is the party responsible for BF:V.  We don't have anything to do with BF2, besides drooling over it.

  We've been actively working on the first BF:V patch since ship date (minus a day or two off to regain our collective sanity).  The problems with the server (particularly lag) have been a very high priority, and a lot of effort has been put in to improving that (and other issues).

  I've not been keeping up with the forums very regularly -- that's almost a full time job.  :)  If there's something important that needs to be addressed, post it on this mailing list, and I'll see it (well, *should* see it... I made some broken email filters that screwed up my email account for a couple days... Fixed now).

  BTW, thanks to all those who contributed the XML ideas.  They were very useful suggestions, and I'll be using as many of them as I can.

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