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Andrew Von Niederhausern avonnied at genetics.utah.edu
Wed Apr 7 12:15:39 EDT 2004

The only thing i really thought was missing from the XML logs from BF1942 was a little bit better flag capture information..

right now all we know is when someone captures a flag i have made some map datafiles that allow me to determine if multiple people have captured the same flag (Assisted) and exactly which flag it is..

some information on neutralizing flags or even trying to neutralize a flag might be nice.

i guess my main request (flag info falls under that) would be more team information in the XML log files. they are very oriented to the individual but not much towards the team. something as simple as the actual ticket loss due to "blinking" would also be nice (the tickets loss due to deaths/tks/etc.. can be back calculated)..



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>For those who don't know already, I've taken over the dedicated server
>duties from Peter (dpc).
>I've begun work on updating the XML Event Logging, and I've started to
>rework some of the events, since BFV is a bit different than '42.  :)
>It occurred to me that I probably wouldn't think of everything, and since
>the admin population in the studio approaches zero, I'd post a request for
>events.  So, what's missing?
>Note that I will take all requests as just that... requests.  Some ideas may
>be difficult and/or impossible to put in place in the time I have alloted.
>  Andy.
>For reference, here's the list of events from 1942:
>scoreEvent (FlagCapture, Attack, Defence, Kill, Death, DeathNoMsg, TK,
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