[bf1942] Opteron performance

Sid Chrome sidbo at xtra.co.nz
Mon Apr 5 17:52:13 EDT 2004

I've got a test dual 246 based machine, on which I've run both 64 player DC
and V servers.

The DC ran like a dream, pegging out at a max of about 40% on the cpu, and
server fps from memory was around the 24 mark when full.

BF:V was much the same, but the current engine has major issues with player
numbers over 26 or so. So much so that, even with 55 players on, cpu running
at around 35%, server fps at 80-90 (with the doubling bug), the game was
unplayable for clients.

This was running 64bit redhat, that I heven't really bothered to tune, being
a loan machine. So yeah, they'll run big DC and V servers fine, just a shame
the V engine can't handle it yet.


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Anyone on the list running a server on an Opteron based machine? I'm looking
at upgrading our server to a dual Opteron 244, and would be interested to
know how much cpu various game types run. Specifically, DC and BF:V. Right
now, for example, our 40 player DC server consumes about 60% of an Athlon
2600+ (at peak). Does anyone have a similar comparison for Opteron usage?



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