[bf1942] 1.5 patch news from EA

Mike stuff at dustsmoke.com
Mon Sep 29 03:22:10 EDT 2003

I understand, I'm truely not complaining and appreciate the work you guys
put into things like this. It's a great game and a great linux server!

I know you might not care since this isn't your department, and that this
isn't the right place. (thats all understandable) But would you be
interested in one being sent to you for you or 'whoever' to look at? I'm
betting you/those guys probably already know what the problem is, and
probably have something like what I have already.

But you never know, so I thought I'd ask since you'd know what to do with
it more than me. Or maybe you'd just like to see it or/and try it for

I don't know what happened on the internet lately, but the usage of these
things seems like it's gone up 10 fold in the past few weeks.

(me goes back to linux server talk)

> These aren't very easy to fix. They involve poking in the memory
> of the running executable with a debugger. We are currently looking at
> various techniques to eliminate these kind of cheats.
> Oh, and can we please discuss the Linux server on this list? :-)
> // Andreas

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