AW: [bf1942] DC 0.4 Instability?

Martin Steiger martin at
Thu Sep 18 16:52:44 EDT 2003

Actually, DC_Basrahs_Edge, El_Alamein and Omaha_Beach don't have carriers on
it. On Omaha, there's a destroyer, but the two others do not have any
vessels on it...

Basrah and El_alamein were played again with full server, nothing happened.
All those core files had something about "could not address memory at...."
or something in it... (now I get "no stack"; is this normal?)

Andreas: I know I'm running DC (and this is not supported by DICE... :) but
could you give me a short brief what this error message could mean (I'm a
freshman on linux; not that the error messages on windows would be less
cryptic... :)?

Thanks a lot for any inputs!


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I've noticed the same on a Windows Coop server I run at a dorm. It seems
that just about any map with ships, besides guadalcanal (no carrier)
crashed before anyone can start rendering. Then the server restarts to
battleaxe (boo). We've tried a few times without the coop, and get the
same results - carrier maps seem to crash the server, and the client too.

The server we have is running Windows XP with DC .4j on BF1942 1.45.

Other maps, such as battleaxe, bocage, kursk, market_garden, and gazala
all work without a hitch.


Joseph Felps wrote:

> Andrew Chen wrote:
>> Hello-
>> Have you guys noticed that DC 0.4 is more unstable than .39?  I have
>> a DC server that used to run days without a crash -- now it's
>> crashing 5 or 6 times a day.  It's a Windows box, so of course
>> there's not a lick of debugging information for me to give you guys :/
>> Any input is appreciated.  Thanks.
> With a mostly full server, ours crashed on basrahs edge then the
> server started back up on el al.  This happened twice yesterday.

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