[bf1942] Full DC 0.4 + BF 1.45?

-=Psykoral=- psykoral at comcast.net
Thu Sep 18 14:51:50 EDT 2003

DOH! I forgot that was even implimented. 
Works fine now, Thanks James.


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Did you disable content checking? In serversettings.con:

game.serverContentCheck 0

This needs to be set for mods to work..

-=Psykoral=- wrote:

> Can anyone with a working DC 0.4J and BF 1.45ob4
> Tar up a full package for me? I am having troubles
> Getting DC running correctly...
> I know it's not my client because I can connect to 
> DC 0.4J servers anywhere. I know it's not my linux BF1942
> Cause I can connect to that just fine, but when I run
> A DC server I get Data Differs from Server.
> -=Psykoral=-

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