[bf1942] DC 0.4

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Sun Sep 14 23:31:51 EDT 2003

Not an official one.. that's what I'm making right now. This version has 
  had the files stripped so that the download is much smaller. It can't 
be used on a client, but will work fine on a Linux server (hopefully).

I've just finished the incremental patch, in fact. So if you have a 0.39 
server now, you should be able to grab the following file and extract 
over the top of the existing install to upgrade to 0.4:


Full server version to follow..


Scum wrote:

> Sorry I have a Linux server. I was asking is there a Linux Release :)
> Scum
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> Scum wrote:
> Yes, in .tar.bz2 format. Nothing to stop you using the same files on a 
> Windows server, of course.. as long as it's a dedicated server and you 
> can open a .tar.bz2 file.
> James

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