[bf1942] 1.45 server using significantly more CPU than 1.40?

Michael Ressen netadmin at michiganburbs.com
Wed Sep 3 19:01:56 EDT 2003

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> CPU than 1.40?
> > LOL steve!   You did HZ=1000 to your BF server too?    Me too!  =)
> > Works great, but the darn thing is goin thru frames like all hell! 
> > still, its smooth!
> HZ=1000 ???
> johnS

John, we've experimented with changing the Hertz value for the kernels
in an attempt to alter the work/sleep timing sequence the game engine
uses.   We originally did it for hlds, but I've also tried it for BF1942
also.   It used to be that _most_ default Linux installs set the rate at
HZ=100, and you could recompile the kernel with HZ=1000, or any other
number.   It's worked very well with the hlds engine, so I just did it
by default on all my gaming servers.   The side effect is more CPU
usage, but the game generates more frames.

Michael Ressen,
Michigan Burbs Network Administrator


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