[bf1942] What no goodbye

Andrew Chen achen-bf1942 at divo.net
Wed Oct 22 21:34:58 EDT 2003

At 04:09 PM 10/22/2003, you wrote:
>business-related) is to work harder.  I hope he reconsiders and breaks-bad
>with something for BF 1.5, he should consider licensing fees for the
>hundreds and hundreds of server rental companies out there.  Be creative,
>there are a hundred ways to sell a single product...  =)

If this is the case, it should be understood that the companies will just 
be passing these fees along to their customers.  Eventually, there will be 
the option to have a regular BF server and a "BFSM" server, where the 
customer pays $NN more for the BFSM server.  So in the end, if you're 
renting a server, it's still going to come back to bite you. 

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