[bf1942] What no goodbye

Brad Caricofe caricofe at comcast.net
Wed Oct 22 19:09:21 EDT 2003

> Ya, as one of the people who actually *donated* money, I 
> think this is pretty damn annoying. His whining about Valve 
> duplicating his functionality is one thing, but to take down 
> the whole thing is just spiteful and childish.
> johnS

LoL, I can understand Kevin's frustration, however the only way to become
successful and to overcome anything in business (and his problems are
business-related) is to work harder.  I hope he reconsiders and breaks-bad
with something for BF 1.5, he should consider licensing fees for the
hundreds and hundreds of server rental companies out there.  Be creative,
there are a hundred ways to sell a single product...  =)

- Brad

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