[bf1942] CD key hashes

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Wed Oct 22 04:07:53 EDT 2003

Scratch Monkey wrote:
> So would I be correct in believing that one could use the md5sum utility,
> feeding the string from stdin, for instance? If so, then any Windows user
> could grab that binary from Cygwin (plus the latest Cygwin DLL) to get his
> hash.

The PHP md5 function returns the same value used by BF. 'md5sum', on the 
other hand, does not. I'm really not sure why. However, I found a nifty 
JS based md5 utility. You could point users to this, and they can then 
determine their md5hash without installing anything, and without sending 
anything over the internet:



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