BF Grand Prix Server Files

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Sun Oct 19 14:54:27 EDT 2003

Anyone has this files?

dont wanna upload 150MB with 15kb/s

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I have the same problem from time to time...

what kernel are you using?

it never started for me until i went to 2.4.18 and above.
At least, thats when i started noticing it.

I think they changed some process scheduling that made hlds behave
differently.... thats about all i can think of.

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> We're using the onboard nForce2 MCP networking controller.  One of the
> machines has a mobo with an onboard Intel gigabit NIC, so we use that on
> that machine.
> Perhaps I should have mentioned *CPU spikes* as well.  i.e. for some
> non-map
> change periods, hlds_l shoots up to 70% of CPU..
> No problems with Q3-based server code, and even bf1942 behaves itself
> most
> of the time.
> ==============================================================
> Wow, that aint right... I've never seen Half life spike the CPU
> At 70%, not EVEN at map change... infact I start all my servers
> At the same time, so they end up changing maps at the same time...
> The highest I've ever seen it spike was 56% and that was 4 servers
> Changing maps at the same time.
> I know you said it happends on different machines, but defintly
> Get the nforce chipset update from Nvidia if you haven't already.
> I've seen allot of issues with those boards in particular.
> -=Psykoral=-

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