[bf1942] An Open Letter to the BF1942 Community

cameron cameron at aberdeenlanparty.co.uk
Tue Oct 14 13:47:34 EDT 2003

I have been reading most of these emails and indeed intend to send EA Games
/ Dice an email in support of BlackBagOps.  But what I think a lot of people
are missing is a really important point here. Kevin wrote BFSM to fill a
vacuum. He saw that the community would need such an application and so made
one (for which I am very grateful). Why wasn't this need foreseen by the
games developer? This isn't a new thing, Unreal Tournament and Unreal
Tournament 2003 both came with a web based remote manager. It seems to me
that any time a new game is released we have to scrimp and scrape enough
information to run a server. I would have though that it would have been in
EA Games / Dice's interest to have a web page listing all the relevant
console commands and examples on how to configure your server and to also
include a WORKING remote managing tool.

As has been said in previous mails EA Games rely on us the community to run
servers to play their game, so why cant they make it easy for us? I run
lanpartys and I know quite a few people who after playing BF1942 single just
put it on the shelf. Many have now reinstalled the game and are playing
online as well as at my Lan's.

At the end of the day any games developer is in business to make money, and
they are going to as little as they have to for their money. It is up to us
to demand more for our buck!! I personally feel that after paying £35.00 for
a game, that all the necessary information should be available at the
developers web site and I also think that including some sort of remote
managing software isn't asking to much.



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