AW: [bf1942] An Open Letter to the BF1942 Community

Martin Steiger martin at
Sat Oct 11 19:31:02 EDT 2003

Hi Shockwave

Personally, I think you're wrong (sorry about that! :)

I'm not saying, I understand the whole story, everything what happened, but
what I know for sure is, Kevin put "pretty much" of his spare time into
developing the BFRM. Not only that, he also spent a lot of time on his
forums, answering questions about the BF1942-server (as Naked Ape did of
course... :), was it linux or windows...

I heard many ppl saying, that Kevin is just "whining" about not getting
money from DICE/EA and in my oppinion, you're all wrong. BF1942 is living
from its community. Over! It is a great game, but the community made it so

It was Ryan, who made this game available for many linux server hosters! It
was Kevin, who made this servers easy to admin! It was Frank DeLise (or
whatever, sorry 'bout that), who made BF1942 even more popular! And not to
forget EoD!! And it was Summit... No, let's forget that... :)

Battlefield 1942 is living from its community and that's the problem about
it. I know, it's a biiiiiiiig company and they (DICE/EA) don't care (or not
much) about the complaints of single users. I understand that, that's what I
do every day (not concerning my stats, I speak about my work... :)! But when
I hear the same complaint every day, at latest then I start to think about

DICE/EA never really supported the community (if you think yes, give me ONE
example, except Andreas and this mailing list or the lightcubed-forums!).

I don't know if you, shockwave, offered first level support for your tool,
which you developed, but if you did, you should know what time it costs to
answer all the questions of users, which are not even able to read a

And if you go to the forums at or, you would
know, how much time Kevin (and again Naked Ape of course) spent in answering
questions, which should have been answered by DICE/EA!

So, please don't tell us, Kevin is not supporting the community!


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