[bf1942] Low Impact Bandwidth Usage

Dennis Gardner dman at lanhouse.ca
Thu Nov 27 08:13:18 EST 2003

On Thu, 27 Nov 2003, Martin Steiger wrote:

> Hi
> > How can I check the bandwidth usage on my server without causing a
> > severe performance impact?
> > I tried iptraf and it lagged everyone out so bad many people were
> > dropped. (OOOPS)
> > Is there a more harmless way to check the stats on bandwidth usage?
> Personally, I'm using ifmonitor and I don't have any issues with lagging
> anyone. It checks the NIC once in a minute and writes the values into a
> mysql database.
> The data seems not to be perfectly correct (especially when wget'ting some
> big files), but it gives you a general overview about your bandwith usage.
> You find it here: http://ifmonitor.preteritoimperfeito.com/
> And you can watch some output here: http://www.pbo-clan.ch/ifmonitor/
> Martin
Someone mentioned ipac-ng a while back on this list.  I tried it and liked
it.  It may not work for you as it ties into firewall rules and counts
bytes per rule.  Because iptables/ipchains looks at every packet coming in
anyway, there is little overhead (There is a poll of the rules though)
assuming you are using one of them in the first place.  Setting it up can
be difficult and it is sensitive to time changes time changes.


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