[bf1942] Low Impact Bandwidth Usage

Martin Steiger martin at steigi.com
Thu Nov 27 02:48:59 EST 2003


> How can I check the bandwidth usage on my server without causing a
> severe performance impact?
> I tried iptraf and it lagged everyone out so bad many people were
> dropped. (OOOPS)
> Is there a more harmless way to check the stats on bandwidth usage?

Personally, I'm using ifmonitor and I don't have any issues with lagging
anyone. It checks the NIC once in a minute and writes the values into a
mysql database.

The data seems not to be perfectly correct (especially when wget'ting some
big files), but it gives you a general overview about your bandwith usage.

You find it here: http://ifmonitor.preteritoimperfeito.com/

And you can watch some output here: http://www.pbo-clan.ch/ifmonitor/


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