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Tue Nov 18 12:09:02 EST 2003

No, a bigger problem is the people that keep yapping about cheaters.

A little story though; some time ago, a couple of my clan mates - whom I've 
NEVER heard accuse anyone for cheating before - approached me with their 
suspicions regarding a clan we just faced in a league war. To say the least, 
I was VERY sceptical about the whole thing and told them to present evidence 
or just keep quiet. To my utter surprise, they dug up screenshots where the 
"fog hack" was clearly present. We sent them to a fair number of trusted 
friends to hear their opinions and they all said it was indeed what everyone 
feared it was. The conclusion was the booting of this clan from our league, 
which in turn led to that the clan dissolved. Even today, I still can't 
quite believe it and I worry no more about cheaters than before.

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>Is anybody having any trouble with cheating in a major way?  I get lots of 
>complaints about cheating, but really some players are just rather good, I 
>At 11:42 AM 11/18/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>>Are there any chances to get an anti-cheat tool soon?
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