[bf1942] Anti cheat tool

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Tue Nov 18 16:52:06 EST 2003

Scratch Monkey wrote:

> --On Tuesday, November 18, 2003 11:50 AM -0800 James Gurney
> <james at globalmegacorp.org> wrote:
>>Cheating Death did clipping calculations and seemed to work fine. Although
>>CS maps tend to be a great deal less complicated than BF maps, so this may
>>not be possible.
> On the server? Note this has to be done for each client. The reason it's
> normally done on the client is to allow the server to run with less CPU load.
> The client typically has a much beefier CPU, and a server is typically shared
> not only between clients but between games.

Yeah, CD increased load quite a bit, but CS servers aren't too cpu 
hungry in the first place, and there's only a maximum of 20 players 
anyway, so it wasn't too bad. Probably not feasable for 64 player BF 
servers though.

> Certainly no info should be sent outside of the radius of visibility
> established by fog or other rules. That's an easy thing for the server to do.

Yep. Not sure if this currently happens or not, since I haven't tried 
any of the cheats that exist. I wonder if they reveal people who are all 
the way on the other side of the map?


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