[bf1942] DC_No_Fly_zone bandwidth usage?

Lee Latham leeprivate at cgmlarson.com
Fri Nov 14 17:34:53 EST 2003

I've seen lots of lag on that map as well, but have attributed it to some 
of the new planes not being optimized yet, or something like 
that.  Sometimes I'll lag bad, and no one else is...and I never have lag 
problems with my server.

Remember how on early Lost Village maps the choppers would always lag at a 
certain point after taking off and heading toward the village?  I reckon 
this is probably a similar phenomenon that will go away in the next releases.

That map does rock...great visuals sometimes...also, most people apparently 
SUCK at dogfighting/flying, so it's a bit like playing poker with a bunch 
of Baptists.

At 12:31 PM 11/14/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>My server has 1.5 mbs bandwidth T1 line, and most of the time when playing 
>No Fly Zone map with more than 8 people there is sporadic severe lag, 
>enough of
>a problem that people get disconnected, and receive frequent "CONNECTION
>PROBLEM" warnings. It does seem to be related to this map (sad, it is one 
>of my
>I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem, and has found a 
>way to
>work around it. I tried adjusting the maximum client connection bandwidth, 
>it did not seem to help. I usually run that at CTCable256Kbps.
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