[bf1942] BF and wineX 3.1

Miguel Filho miguel at casadavo.net
Thu Nov 13 11:12:59 EST 2003

A native linux version would be fine!

But, i think that this will never happen, since the game is directx 
based, and port the engenie to
opengl will be quite hard.


Manni Eppe wrote:

>Hi all!
>I'm new to this mailing list, is it only discussing server-stuff, or also 
>client probs?
>Anyway, i hope this fits in here:
>Has anyone BF running under wineX really good ?
>I got it working, but quite poor... 
>The Sound is working, but not really nice, dunno how to explain, it just 
>sounds shabby.
>Also if I select Options->Graphics in the BF Main-Screen i can only select 
>640x480 or 800x600 both in 32 or 16 bit.
>Another thing which is not nice is that in the Game, whan I'm on the ground 
>there are several texturing-problems. The ground sometimes is black, etc... 
>When I`m in the Air and look down everything is nice.
>Does someone know if i have to install the NVidia-Graphics-driver for windows 
>in winex?
>Any suggestions from people who also (want to) play BF on a linux box?
>Thx in advance, Manni

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