[bf1942] capital/small letters on 1.5 lnxded server

--=*dD*|Campino=-- campino at divine-devils.de
Mon Nov 10 00:40:31 EST 2003

Hello tabako,

Monday, November 10, 2003, 4:08:43 AM, you wrote:

ts> Andreass,

ts> I have two questions,
ts> From 1.5, some of filenames in Settings folder (i.e. ServerSettings.con) has
ts> been changed. Is this a certain change?

ts> And I noticed that this capital/small letter problem may be effective in RFA
ts> files. A certain map creator made a map for my server, but it does not work
ts> on linux1.5. (works well on windowz server and 1.45 lnxded server)
ts> In his rfa file, he use some small letter filenames, such as init.con, object,
ts> standardMesh,...

ts> This is the file.
ts> http://tabakobeya.net/download/dlrank/dlranklog.cgi?dl=jihad40

ts> I told him to make sure of letters, but I don't know which is correct.
ts> In RFA specification, capital/small letters are distinguished?
ts> I think many map creators check his/her maps on windowz, 
ts> they cannot notice that problems...

ts> thanks,

ts> ---
ts> tabako

What do you mean exactly?
I noticed that they changed back from small letters
(serversettings.con) to capital letters (ServerSettings.con)
That's the reason why the BFSMD is not working anymore :(

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