capital/small letters on 1.5 lnxded server

tabako sabakan sabakan at
Sun Nov 9 22:08:43 EST 2003


I have two questions,
From 1.5, some of filenames in Settings folder (i.e. ServerSettings.con) has 
been changed. Is this a certain change?

And I noticed that this capital/small letter problem may be effective in RFA 
files. A certain map creator made a map for my server, but it does not work 
on linux1.5. (works well on windowz server and 1.45 lnxded server)
In his rfa file, he use some small letter filenames, such as init.con, object, 

This is the file.

I told him to make sure of letters, but I don't know which is correct.
In RFA specification, capital/small letters are distinguished?
I think many map creators check his/her maps on windowz, 
they cannot notice that problems...



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