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I agree... Yes there are allot of us who Run our servers in Data Centers Spread all over the country.
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  Twould also be useful if there was a switch to run the server as a daemon so that one could start and stop it remotely.  ;-)

  Fredriksson, Andreas wrote:

a related question is if people would like to use a line console with
the curses status monitor I've added for 1.4. If so I can add it after
the first release has been released.

Would it be useful to ssh in to the server and issue local console

// Andreas

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Hi All,

I know this question is off-topic but hey, sue me, this list is dead
anyway. :)

How many Linux BF server admins would be interested in using a daemon
that allows you to admin your server using my (Win32) Remote Server
Manager v2 utility?

Note that I'm not talking about the current 1.3 version which connects
via the Remote Console, I'm talking about my new client-server version
2.0 currently in beta.

All answers to this forum topic please!

Kevin Lockitt
kevin at blackbagops.com

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