[bf1942] Question for a dead list

kenk at shreve.net kenk at shreve.net
Fri May 23 05:46:58 EDT 2003

> Hi,
> a related question is if people would like to use a line console with
> the curses status monitor I've added for 1.4. If so I can add it after
> the first release has been released.
> Would it be useful to ssh in to the server and issue local console
> commands?

That would be awesome.  The RemoteAdmin utility is nice to have, but why
is it so damn slow?

What we admins, or at least I, would like to see is a quick way of getting
onto the server with out loading the client and:

   1. Listing the current players (with scores and latency for each).
   2. Showing the current map, next map, and change if necessary.
   3. Participate in both team and global chats.
   4. Be able to quickly kill and ban offending players.
   5. View my ban lists.
   6. Shutdown and restart the server.
   6. Executing a server script (like a config file) would be a nice option.

I may be missing something, so everyone feel free to add on.

Maybe others are thrilled about the SSH aspect, it's just icing to me if I
get the above.

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