[bf1942] SMP

Stan Hoeppner Stan at hardwarefreak.com
Mon May 19 04:11:19 EDT 2003

> > Beowulf clustering, or any clustering won't work well in the gaming
> > world.
> >
> > We've tried, but the latency between machines is just too great.
> >
> > Looking at other solutions, as Beowulf just doesn't 
> scale/perform well
> > for game servers.

Have you considered using Myrinet/QsNet/Dolphin and MPI for interprocess
communication?  One way short message latency between user processes on
different nodes averages less than 10 microseconds with these interconnects.
I would imagine that this kind of latency would be tolerable.  Then again, I
doubt many (if any) game developers have experience with massively parallel
processing and MPI.

stan at hardwarefreak.com

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