I'm chomping at the bit! (Related to SMP)

Patrick Gavin wezelboy at soe.ucsc.edu
Fri May 16 16:53:46 EDT 2003

I have an extra pre-release TCP offload engine card that I am dying to 
try out with the 1.4 linux server release. I haven't gotten much time in 
with it, but so far they seem to kick some serious ass. Your entire TCP 
stack is in silico and it flies! If you need to squeeze more cycles out 
of your servers, instead of worrying about stuff like multi-threading 
you may want to check out one of these cards when they are released.

Thing is... they give them to me for free and haven't told me how much 
they are charging for them. I'm in research so I expect them to cost an 
arm and a leg. Hopefully they won't be too bad.


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