[bf1942] Getting a little antsy, new release?

Reinder Gerritsen reinder at strikerz.net
Fri May 16 08:23:40 EDT 2003

Nah, think for him it works different:

See it as this: He has some kinda Internet Cafe alike thingy running
overthere with several PC's all containing several games he offers in his
shop. All these PC's are secured from installing of non authorised
software by removing Floppy and CD Drives.

e.g. HalfLife, you can run an unpatched licenced internet game without
having a CDRom in your PC.

For battlefield, you require a CD mounted to get the client running so jou
can logon to an internet server, unless you use a no-CD patch also used
for copied CD's. Aparently the latest no-CD fix, allthough it does not
any longer require a valid CD in the system DOES require a physical drive
in the system to work.

Now to the question at hand: I don't think Andreas would be happy to
assyst in a illegal patch to his game. since this "bug" actually is 3rd
party code. However, since this situation is a legal - though somewhat
unusual - situation, might I suggest another solution for your problem?

DaemonTools emulates CD-drives by mounting ISO files to a virtual drive.
Simply putting an ISO9660 image copy of the original CD on your network
server and then mounting this CD on the different PC's would solve your
problem of not having a physical drive in your system. (can be mounted
over the network, so 1 iso.image would be sufficient to serve for all
your client PC's.)

(though URL is currently not working with me this is where it used to be.)


On Fri, 16 May 2003 rookiewan at cistron.nl wrote:

> > backup... ver 1.2 with a NoCD patch by iMSDOX worked perfectly, but ver. 1.3
> > and 1.31 NoCD patch by FDX don't if the PC doesn't phisically contain a
> > CDROM. The bf1942.exe just doesn't start anything - no Alert, no error, no
> > Game, nothing... If I built in the CD-unit BF started just fine.
> >
> > Any bright ideas?
> Basically, from what I read, you're running the server from a client install. Get the dedicated server for windows, it doesnt need the CD.

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