[bf1942] Getting a little antsy, new release?

BMP BMP at gmx.de
Thu May 15 12:21:01 EDT 2003

Hello Eric Schultz,

i think they make it like the 1.3 Patch and bring it out when "SECRET
WAEPONS" ready to sale.
But this is only a assumption remember we are all "only stupidly
Useres" that have already bay the BF1942........



ES> Ok, I understand that this is probally the worst question to ask,
ES> but Andreas, when will we see a new server version? the next week?
ES> the next month? another 3 months?
ES> I'm getting a little antsy here because I've heard all about this new build,
ES> how it doesn't suffer the woe's of the old one and I want to try it out!
ES> I know that you guys are working hard on this, but we haven't seen a release
ES> for a long time!
ES> Can we at least have an approx. date? like three weeks, 2 months or something
ES> like that? I'm not expecting it to be out of beta or anthing like that.
ES> I'm starting to wonder if it would be worth setting it up through wine.

ES> Thank you for your patience,

ES> Eric Schultz

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ES> Antioch, IL 60002
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Marcus Berger
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