[bf1942] Linux server status update 2003-05-05

Stewart, John johns at artesyncp.com
Fri May 9 11:20:36 EDT 2003

> Requiring people to go to FreeBSD 5 to get the server to work is like
> telling people ..  If you want to run our game server, you 
> have to upgrade
> to Windows XP because it won't run on Windows 2000

As a Solaris/Windows/Linux admin, I can tell you that this happens ALL THE TIME for LOTS OF SOFTWARE with pretty much every flavour of operating system. Bleeding edge software (engineering tools to games) is generally written on the latest version of an OS.

It would make my life easier if we could stick with the same version of an OS for all machines for years at a time, but it ain't gonna happen unless you also can stick with old software. It's just a fact of life...


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