[bf1942] Linux server status update 2003-05-05

Paul Richards noxis at clara.net
Fri May 9 11:19:17 EDT 2003

I install servers when people order their games and have alot of servers
running various operating systems. If you are already running BF servers
commercially they have to be on Windows boxes i will personally reinstall
these with which ever is the best OS for BF at the time and save the
licenses for the next game that is popular without a linux bin.

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> That's ok for a single box but when we're talking control systems etc
> its a huge amount of effort for just one game unfortunately.
>     Steve / K
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> Thats rather small minded, I just install whatever OS the game requires on
> my servers and I just installed FreeBSD 5 on a box anyway. But 20min
> installing a OS isnt exactly time consuming and with proper backups of
> games/scripts its more a matter of copying them back over and
> them. Sounds to me like you are digging your heals in and shooting
> in the foot.

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