[bf1942] linux server problems with DC broken objects and jer kiness, is anyone running a succesfull dc linux server?!?

RookieWan rookiewan at cistron.nl
Mon May 5 04:54:15 EDT 2003

Stewart, John wrote:

>Not true. The AC130 works (relatively) fine on a Windows box. Also, I understand the Apache doesn't work in the Linux version either (again which works fine on Windows). Something is definitely amiss with the Linux DC over the Windows DC.
>For being the guy who flamed the hell out of the original poster, you ought to at least get your facts straight before letting slip the dogs of war...
About DC ( found it in the DCreadme in the mods -> desert combat dir of 

> Public Alpha Release Notes Version 0.3
> The DesertCombat team is pleased to annouce the Third major public 
> alpha of DesertCombat. Since the first and second test was so 
> successful, we were able to get valuable feedback and bug reports to 
> make this mod even better.

The magic word: Alpha
There's no mention of any linux testing in the readme ( or about more 
bugs/ errors with DC + Linux), so it's safe to assume they didnt test 
with Linux, which means it's DC related issues.

> If you find any bugs, please send them to bugs at desertcombat.com

Post bug reports re DC to the above mentioned address, not here.

p.s I mailed you personally on the previous post to keep this discussion 
of this list.

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