[bf1942] linux server problems with DC broken objects and jerkiness, is anyone running a succesfull dc linux server?!?

RookieWan rookiewan at cistron.nl
Sun May 4 04:59:17 EDT 2003

James Gurney wrote:

> matt wrote:
>> it seems that the bungee issue is a fairly well known effect i just cant
>> seem to find any real response that says "we see it, and it will be
>> fixed in next release" or "we see it and we dont have the time to fix
>> it" or similar. 
> As to the rest of your questions, I'm not sure whether it's a DC 
> problem or a problem with the Linux server. I would have thought the 
> DC team were probably aware of it and (hopefully) plan to have it 
> fixed in the next release, but maybe someone else in the know can post 
> a more accurate response.
> Incidentally, that was probably the most well written, well thought 
> out post I've seen on this list in a long long time, thanks for taking 
> the time and effort to research your questions in depth before 
> posting. Of course, you'll probably still get flamed by people who 
> claim your questions are wildly off topic :)

The problems with the DC mod are also noticed on Windows based servers 
too, so it's safe to assume it's DC related, not specifically Linux 
server related. Best option IMHO is to post these issues with the DC 
developers, but most likely these bugs are known, since the DC mod is 
still in it's infancy and bug ridden.


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