[bf1942] show me the hardware, show me the hardware!

Kevin J. Anderson lestat at counter-strike.net
Thu Jun 19 13:44:16 EDT 2003

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->Kevin J. Anderson wrote:
->> I recently solved the *idle* high cpu issue by following
->andreas' suggestion
->> to use the 2.4.21 vanilla kernel stripped down, mentioned here in this
->> thread.
->Yep, seen it. Don't have the idle problem myself (I always run a
->personally customized kernel anyway, and I always strip out the 90%
->which is not needed).
->The thing which is odd to me is that going from 1.3 to 1.4 caused (at
->load) cpu use to practically double. I'll have to try running a plain bf
->server for a night and see if it's caused by DC. If it is, it's odd that
->it wasn't as much of a problem with 1.3.

yeah, I do too normally (gentoo)

On one of my boxes (dual p3 933) I didnt have an idle problem, but as soon
as 1 person joined, it would stay around 30% even if I was jsut standing

This new kernel extremely stripped down doesnt have that issue anymore
either.  Barely shows up on my process list w/ just me in it, and when a
second person joined, barely showed up as well.

So you might give it a shot regardless ;/  This is all going back to
andreas' lan testing w/ 17 players he said barely making the cpu sweat...


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