[bf1942] core dump

Fredriksson, Andreas andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Thu Jun 19 06:58:44 EDT 2003

Sounds like you're running this on a non-i686 cpu.

The next beta will be compiled for i586.

// Andreas 

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From: Casey Zacek
To: bf1942 at icculus.org
Sent: 6/19/2003 11:44 AM
Subject: [bf1942] core dump

% gdb --core=core.18649 ../bf1942/bf1942_lnxded.dynamic 
GNU gdb 5.2.1
Core was generated by `./bf1942_lnxded +game BF1942 +restart 1
+dedicated 1 +reconnectPassword 6690 +r'.
[it snipped my commandline, which is actually: './bf1942_lnxded
+statusMonitor 1 +restart 1 +dedicated 1 +hostServer 1 +config
Program terminated with signal 4, Illegal instruction.
(gdb) bt
#0  0x411ec930 in ?? ()
#1  0x0814677a in
dice::bf::GhostAction, dice::bf::GhostObject*, bool) ()
#2  0x0814e8f7 in
dice::bf::GhostAction, dice::bf::GhostObject*, bool) ()
#3  0x081479ee in
dice::bf::PacketStatus&, unsigned) ()
#4  0x0817a8bd in dice::bf::ClientConnection::transmitMsgs() ()
#5  0x0815a89f in
dice::bf::GameServer::processGameStateAndSendPackets(float) ()
#6  0x08155621 in dice::bf::GameServer::update(int, float) ()
#7  0x080f2b07 in dice::bf::Setup::mainLoop() ()
#8  0x080f1756 in dice::bf::Setup::start(std::string const&) ()
#9  0x08052049 in main ()
#10 0x40179db4 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/libc.so.6

Anything else you want?  I'll hold on to the core file until you say

It's a 30-player server running CTF BF1942 (no RtR or anything).
There were roughly 16 players on at the time of crash.

Keep up the good work!

-- Casey Zacek (Zippo)                  Beer for Breakfast servers (CS multi-map)     <http://bfb.bogleg.org/> (CS inferno/dust2/aztec/militia) Dallas, TX (BF1942)

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