[bf1942] v1.4 linux vs win32 perf

Prodigy prodigy at redphive.org
Wed Jun 18 19:24:38 EDT 2003


Don't feel so bad.  If you are familiar with half-life, the new HLDS
v3.1.1.1 for linux is about 30% worse under linux than windows, where as the
previous versions ( were about on par.  This is ESPECIALLY
true for pentium 4 cpu's which are REALLY shafted by this.

I definately look forward to fully optimized versions of BF1942 linuxded for
not only just i3/4/586, but also SPECIFIC version for AMD XP/MP and Intel
P4/Xeon chips with SSE/SSE2 optimizations.


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> My experiences so far is that the linux server is more intensive than
> the current windoze version and as such cannot support as many
> players/server.
> I'm currently basing this on a dual proc P3 1G server. Previously it was
> running 2 x 16 player servers, and 1 x 32 player CTF server and handling
> that load. Now it's currently only running 1 x 32 player CTF server
> under linux and it can't handle the load (obvioulsy on a single CPU as
> there is no SMP support). It got to 32 players and the server FPS was at
> around 3, and players were experiencing massive lag, and the bungee
> effect was noticiable at that time too. I've dropped it back to 24
> players and it seems to cope with that, server FPS gets down to about
> 15-20 which is acceptable.
> The only thing I have yet to investigate further is if this is indeed
> linux related, or if it is 1.4 that's causing such a discrepancy between
> OS's. I sure as hell hope there's some optimisations to come in the
> linux port if the former is ture.
> SidBo
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> wrote:
> > can i fit more
> > players on a linux box or is it much of a muchness? i think win32 i
> > think bloatware :)
> Without a GUI, a Linux server uses a lot less memory, so you get some
> advantage there. But one would have to measure it to determine how much.

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