[bf1942] v1.4 linux vs win32 perf

Sid Chrome sidbo at xtra.co.nz
Wed Jun 18 19:08:43 EDT 2003

My experiences so far is that the linux server is more intensive than
the current windoze version and as such cannot support as many

I'm currently basing this on a dual proc P3 1G server. Previously it was
running 2 x 16 player servers, and 1 x 32 player CTF server and handling
that load. Now it's currently only running 1 x 32 player CTF server
under linux and it can't handle the load (obvioulsy on a single CPU as
there is no SMP support). It got to 32 players and the server FPS was at
around 3, and players were experiencing massive lag, and the bungee
effect was noticiable at that time too. I've dropped it back to 24
players and it seems to cope with that, server FPS gets down to about
15-20 which is acceptable.

The only thing I have yet to investigate further is if this is indeed
linux related, or if it is 1.4 that's causing such a discrepancy between
OS's. I sure as hell hope there's some optimisations to come in the
linux port if the former is ture.


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> can i fit more
> players on a linux box or is it much of a muchness? i think win32 i 
> think bloatware :)

Without a GUI, a Linux server uses a lot less memory, so you get some 
advantage there. But one would have to measure it to determine how much.

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