[bf1942] Future of this list

Marius marius at ludo.uib.no
Mon Jun 16 17:38:39 EDT 2003

On Mon, Jun 16, 2003 at 09:57:08PM +0100, Steven Hartland wrote:
> I personally like the list and the banter that goes on in and think it
> complements the forums nicely. Keep as is and add an announce list
> if need be.
> The main reason for this is not everyone has the time to browse
> though forums where as a mail list is there and readily accessible.
> If something new comes up you see it.
>     Steve / K

I second Steven in this. Forums / boards isn't particularly appealing to 
me. Especially if you are waiting for news or feedback on an answer -- or 
following a discussion. A special announcements only list for the players 
who can't live with the occasional OT is also a good idea.


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