[bf1942] Future of this list

Jesse Hirsh jesse at openflows.org
Mon Jun 16 16:30:28 EDT 2003

I agree with Udo's comments.

I think having a new announce only list in addition to this list is the
best idea. I do not like the BB style forums, and find them really hard to
use. I much prefer email, and thanks to procmail, can easily handle high
loads. I also like OT stuff, as it helps me get a sense of where people
are at.

So essentially, I think there should be three options:

email list (as it is now), email announce list, web BB

I think all three can co-exist

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On Mon, 16 Jun 2003, Udo Held wrote:

> Hi!
> I somewhat dislike the idea of using a forum instead of this list. An
> extra announce only ML would be nice.
> Even though much of this conversation here is OT, because of a missing
> windows ML/forum.
> Regards
> Udo

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