[bf1942] Future of this list

Cream[DONut] cream at donut.dk
Tue Jun 17 01:08:23 EDT 2003

In that case i would rather subscribe to a general "server" announce 
mailing list for bf1942 (including windows version), and have you allow 
modmakers & utility programmers like Kevin Lockitt announce releases there 
aswell as new server versions.


At 09:09 PM 6/16/2003 +0200, Fredriksson, Andreas wrote:

>Hi people,
>it's been busy days since the launch of 1.4 and the first Linux beta.
>The forums over at bf1942.lightcubed.com are working out really well
>and the discussions are well thought out for the most part. I encourage
>everyone here to go get an account today if you don't already have one.
>The search function of the forum is much better than lurking through
>old e-mails when you're looking for an answer to something. They're
>also an excellent source of information for newbies.
>What I'm thinking of is using this list only for announcing new
>updates only, which would reduce the traffic to almost nothing.
>Ryan, if you're listening, can you set this up?
>// Andreas

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