[bf1942] not linux related, but still server related(windows)

Fredriksson, Andreas andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Wed Jun 11 07:53:15 EDT 2003

We've had no concrete bug reports about stability problems
of the dedicated server itself, so I would imagine a lot
of win32 problems are involved here as well.

I guess the most common way to solve win32 administration
tasks is to reboot the machine regardless of what software
it is running :-)

// Andreas

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> I'm not sure if it already has been discussed if so
> I'm sorry.
> But I'm a quite dedicated BF player, daily I play 2
> hours or more on pubs, clan servers etc.
> The last few weeks I have never seen so many public
> servers go down due I don't know maybe memorly leaks?,
> bad configs?, bad hardware?
> I'm not talking about 2 servers in a month, I'm
> talking about 2-4 servers in week. Where I and all the
> rest get kicked because of connections problems and
> server goes down. In my humble opinion, I'm thinking
> about a server problem?
> Are you aware of these problems? And has there been
> any improvement in the stability of the 1.4 dedicated
> servers?(the windows ones) Cause it seems a quite
> common problem these days. Some servers I can remember
> are those of Boomtown, EA UK servers ... . So they
> aren't just the small fish.
> Can you give us some feedback on this if possible
> Andreas?
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