[bf1942] [OT] Server query tools.

Mike Palmer stuff at dustsmoke.com
Wed Jun 4 21:40:15 EDT 2003


If you use a NT based windows
'net time /setsntp:tock.usno.navy.mil"
You'll never have to worry about it not being dead accurate again.

I suppose pretty much all of us unix users know how to sync using our NTP
deamon. So I won't go into that.

It's just kind of annoying tracking down misdated emails. Expecially with
some command line mail agents (depending on how you sort)


> it works 100% better then gps protocol does
> it is what i use for uglygs
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>> Kingsley Foreman wrote:
>> > do a search on sourceforge for qstat
>> > grab the latest CVS
>> >
>> > then use ASE it is much more accurate
>> > on a doze box it is qstat -eye blah:14567
>> That seems to work. At least now when I specify -P I don't get
>> anything  back at all (there's no one on the server) - I'll check
>> later when there  are people on there to make sure it works ok.
>> Very handy, thanks for the tip!
>> James


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