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Hmm, I seem to have lost the URL to the FAQ, but had this copy, about time
for another posting of it

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Below is a FAQ posted by Danial Valois way back on 3/19. One addition I
will make is that the files necessary to get the latest update to the
dedicated server consist of the 1.3 beta full distro:
which then needs to be patched to 1.31 with

			BattleField 1942 Linux Dedicated Server FAQ
Q:> Where are the download files?
A:> http://icculus.org/betas/bf1942/
Q:> Does the server only runs under Linux?
A:> No, it's known to run at least on the following systems:
   -FreeBSD using the Linux Base.
Q:> Why is this server so buggy?
A:> It is a BETA. The bugs will be worked out soon enough.
Q:> Where can I find a bug listing?
Q:> Where are the list archives?
A:> http://icculus.org/cgi-bin/ezmlm/ezmlm-cgi?26
Q:> Where can I find general Linux help?
Q:> What's the release schedule?
A:> As Time permits Ryan Gorden to fix bugs.
Q: How can I find out about new bf linux server releases?
A: It'll be posted to the bf1942 at icculus.org mailing list as well as the

Q:> can you point me to a list of commands and other good info?
A:> http://www.blackbagops.com/admguide.shtml or
Q:> How do I keep the server from shutting down when I logout?
A:> Use Screen to start it in your terminal and Detach it so that it
stays running when you logout.
   user at bfserver bf1942-lnxded-1.3beta $screen ./bf1942_lnxded
   Then do a 'Ctrl+a' and a 'Ctrl+d'
   ps -aux to see the proccess
Q:> My system does not have Screen. BSD SyStems.
A:> The problem that makes the server shutdown is that the input pipe is
closed when you logout.
   By directing the input from a file instead the server will keep
running after you logout.
   Do the following:
   touch input.txt
   ./bf1942_lnxded < input.txt > output.txt &
Q:> I cant see my server's full name in the ASE or Gamespy browser.
A:> You must use quote's and underscores in your ServerSettings.con.
   game.serverName "TEXAS_STOMPING_GROUNDS_v1.3_CTF"
   Note: The same goes with any welcome mesages you may add like:
Q:> Where can I add a server-welcome message ?
A:> in the Serversetting.con add these lines:

   game.setServerWelcomeMessage 0 "TKers_will_be_banned"
   game.setServerWelcomeMessage 1 "TKers_will_be_banned"
   game.setServerWelcomeMessage 2 "TKers_will_be_banned"
   game.setServerWelcomeMessage 3 "TKers_will_be_banned"
   game.setServerWelcomeMessage 4 "TKers_will_be_banned"

Q:> Why doesn't my server show up on GameSpy
A:> you must set game.serverInternet 1
Q:> What holes do I need to open in my firewall to get it to be
A:> (Iptables): for IPTables, the below will work, but may be overly
   permissive/incomplete for all features:

   -A INPUT -s <LAN network address/submnet> -p udp -m udp --dport 22000
   -A INPUT -p udp -m udp --dport 23000:23009 -j ACCEPT
   -A INPUT -p udp -m udp --dport 27900 -j ACCEPT
   -A INPUT -p udp -m udp --dport 28900 -j ACCEPT
Q:> My box is <$this many> Ghz and <$count fingers again> MB of RAM on a
<$conection_speed> ;
   How many players should i allow on my BF Server?
A:> please refer to
Q:> When i start ./bf1942_lnxded I get a lot of STUB and Error messages,
what's broken?
A:> It's normal. Ignore them. If you get a Segmentation Fault and your
server dies,Then
   feel free to report the stack trace to https://bugzilla.icculus.org
   Note: Read the gdb man pages on debugging core files so you may read
and post your stack trace.
Q:> My server got a segmentation fault but I don't see a core file.
A:> You may need to specify "ulimit -c unlimited" before running the
   server in order to produce a core file on a seqmentation fault.
Q:> Ok, I have a core file, core.<pid>, what now?
A:> Try running: "gdb bf1942_lnxded core.<pid>" - when prompted, enter:
   "bt" - that will produce a back trace listing.
Q:> Where can i obtain a Remote Admin utility?
A:> http://www.blackbagops.com/bfutils.shtml
Q:> How do I enable remote console so i can connect with BFRM Utility?
A:> To enable the Remote Console add the following command to

   admin.enableRemoteConsole <username> <password> [<port>]
   <username> and <password> are the username and password you will need
to connect with the server.
   <port> is the TCP/IP port address reserved for the Remote Console.

   If you are behind a firewall you may want to set some firewall rules
   allow a certain ip address to that specific port. This feature is
also a
   vulnerability so be aware and check your logs. By doing this you can
   have fun and be a bit more secure.
   refer to
Q: What mods work with the Linux Version
A: Desert Combat and GI Joe are known to work
Q:> I see my Road to Rome Server running but i cannot connect to it.
A:> Unfortunately, the RTR dedicated server for linux is not functional
just yet.
   However it is on the 'to-do list' and we will all rejoice soon
Q:> How can I change my game type?
A:> edit your /mods/BF1942/Settings/ServerSettings.con or
   the serverautoexec.con (you may create it if it does not exist)
   For Team Deathmatch set:
   game.serverGamePlayMode GPM_TDM

   For Capture The Flag set:
   game.serverGamePlayMode GPM_CTF

   For Co-operation set:
   game.serverGamePlayMode GPM_COOP

   For Conquest set:
   game.serverGamePlayMode GPM_CQ
Q:> Which maps are for which game types?
A:> enter the appropriate maps into your
/mods/BF1942/Settings/maplist.con file

   This is a list of the maps for Conquest & Co-op:

   game.addLevel Battle_of_the_Bulge
   game.addLevel Battleaxe
   game.addLevel Berlin
   game.addLevel Bocage
   game.addLevel El_Alamein
   game.addLevel Gazala
   game.addLevel GuadalCanal
   game.addLevel Iwo_Jima
   game.addLevel Kharkov
   game.addLevel Kursk
   game.addLevel Market_Garden
   game.addLevel Midway
   game.addLevel Omaha_Beach
   game.addLevel Stalingrad
   game.addLevel Tobruk
   game.addLevel Wake

   This is a list of maps for CTF:

   game.addLevel Battleaxe
   game.addLevel Berlin
   game.addLevel Bocage
   game.addLevel El_Alamein
   game.addLevel Gazala
   game.addLevel GuadalCanal
   game.addLevel Kharkov
   game.addLevel Kursk
   game.addLevel Stalingrad
   game.addLevel Wake

   And this is a list of maps for Team Deathmatch:

   game.addLevel Battleaxe
   game.addLevel Berlin
   game.addLevel Bocage
   game.addLevel El_Alamein
   game.addLevel Gazala
   game.addLevel GuadalCanal
   game.addLevel Kharkov
   game.addLevel Kursk
   game.addLevel Stalingrad
   game.addLevel Midway
   game.addLevel Omaha_Beach
   game.addLevel Tobruk
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