[bf1942] Status update 2003-06-02

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Tue Jun 3 08:48:37 EDT 2003

Any chance of giving an advance notice to those of us who are willing to
host it on our web sites so there's more than one or two sources to start
with.  I'm not talking a day or anything, just like 15-30 minutes would
suffice I imagine.  If not no biggy, I was just wondering.  :)


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Well I'll basically just be re-distributing what Andreas give me.  The
server should be up to it.  wget -c should work.  It will just be an http
get anyway (ftp may or may not happen, I don't typically run anonymous ftp
on my boxes...)  BitTorrent is also another option and is resumable.  Plus
you'll end up giving back to the community by mirroring the download. :)


Steve Getman
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<quote who="Roland Kool">
> Steve, I appreciate your work. Site looks good to me, not too complex
> and pretty straightforward.
> I'm eagerly waiting for the release so I hope your site can handle the
> traffic.
> Christopher's idea of a wget-compatible download is great. I hope you
> can make it resumable as well (shouldn't be that hard nowadays) so wget
> -c works as well. And ofcourse, I'd like a tar.gz in stead of an .exe :)
> Sounds logic, but I lost count of the times I had to download exe files
> for mappacks etc.
> That's all. Thanks so far.
> Regards
> Roland
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> No problem...  :)
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> Steve Getman
> steve at lightcubed.com
> <quote who="Christopher Kunz">
>> Steve Getman wrote:
>>> If anyone has any questions or comments regarding the site, let me
>>> know. It is for your use so suggest anything you like that can make
>>> it better. In the interest of keeping the list traffic down please
>>> post suggestions on the forum rather than replying here. (or you can
>>> reply to me
>>> directly.)
>> Only one suggestion, since this pisses me off every time i need
>> something: Please, give us some possibility to wget files. Some
>> measure to get by without a download page that header()'s its way
>> through to the download. :-)
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