CRC checking improvement?

Steven Hartland killing at
Tue Jun 3 07:21:06 EDT 2003

I've been following the pure / no-pure descusions
and it seems like an improvement is needed so that
admins jobs dont become a nightmare / the new
content checking is used.
The way I understand it there are multiple modes
as it stands:
1. mode 1 exact pure only core content is allowed
2. mode 2 core content plus manually added content
is allowed.

Now having run UT2k3 servers they have what I
would determine as the optimum solution.
What happens is on startup the crc db is updated
with any missing content that is found on the server.
Any client with said content is then automatically
allowed to join the server which is great from a client
perspecive; if they ask for a mod installing on the
server be it client or server based it will work, and
great from an admin persective all they have to do
is install the mod and not go through a double install
and manual update of the configs.
As an extension to this updates are also recieved
from the master server which I believe means that
multiple versions of core files are also crc'd so if a
minor patch comes out which is not a manditory
upgrade the server will allow both versions to play.

Any chance of getting this in andreas, not a 1.4
thing with it being so close but something to play
with in the linux beta's may be and release in 1.5?

    Steve / K

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