[bf1942] the pure / unpure server issue - need clarification

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Tue Jun 3 02:20:02 EDT 2003

Hello yokai^]_[,

Tuesday, June 3, 2003, 4:09:17 PM, you wrote:

y_> hi andreas, list,

y_> thanks a lot for replying, i know you must be very busy right now with the
y_> immenent release and all
y_> just one further clarification, it's again because of that cheat gateway
y_> called merciless:
y_> if i don't clear merciless (and i really don't want to) and players have it
y_> installed anyway as many have the server will get positive crc check for
y_> bf1942 and a negative one for merciless. what does the server do now if it's
y_> set to:

y_> content checking mode "1" ?
y_> content checking mode "2" ?

y_> with 1 the server would kick the player because of the mod i believe?
y_> what happens with 2 enabled?

y_> thanks,
y_> yokai

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>> Subject: RE: [bf1942] the pure / unpure server issue - need
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>> There are two kinds of mods. The first kind are mods such as DC which
>> create their own mod directory under mods/ and are separate from the
>> BF installation. The second kind tampers with the original BF
>> installation, these are usually refered to as "client side mods".
>> Content checking for stand-alone mods such as DC is a separate issue
>> and doesn't affect the real issue here which is client side mods.
>> The server must not have client side mods installed.
>> When connecting to a server using a client with a modified BF
>> installation the server will reject the client if:
>> a) It is in content checking mode "1" (only allow default installs).
>> or)
>> b) It is in content checking mode "2" and the client CRC does not
>>    match any of the CRCs defined in the server's contentCrc32.con
>>    file.
>> To allow a certain client side mod (i.e. a data hack to BF) you
>> need to calculate new CRC checksums on a modified client and then
>> add them to the contentCrc32.con file on the server, and finally
>> set the content checking mode to "2".
>> // Andreas

As far as I understood Andreas, checking mode 1 will reject EACH
client thatdoes not have a PURE BF (and MODs). Therefore NO client
side mods are allowed since they edit the init.con of any mod they eed
to edit

If the server is in checking mode 2 than any client side mods are
allowed for which the owner of the server has build CRC checksums for
the client side mod files and added these into the contentCrc32.con

So if I have a server running in mode 2 and I haven't added the CRC
checksums for the Merciless Addon, no one who has installed it will be
able play on my server...

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