[bf1942] the pure / unpure server issue - need clarification

yokai^]_[ yokai at ninetyfive.org
Tue Jun 3 05:09:32 EDT 2003

any further info regarding a server running in pure mode and the client
having more than the vanilla install, merciless, dc, s9rm and the like.
let's presume for a second that i want to run a pure server, are those
clients then kicked or are they not? what if i clear s9rm and nothing else?

i'm thinking about merciless in particular since one that's installed it is
the main bf1942. if i don't clear merciless would that kick everyone using

is this in any way off topic? if so i apologize and won't persue this in
here anymore :)
i'm just wondering if i'm about to face a crc clearing orgy once 1.4 is here
and mods are updated

best regards,

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> this is under heavy discussion in the bf main forum right
> now..heres my two
> cents..the current check takes place in archives rfa's..this will be
> extended to include the init..as its necessary to alter that to
> run any mod
> anyhow..so mods present wont matter in the mods dir as long as the bf1942
> init is clean..
> dice merely state clean or modded the main change is in the
> bf1942 init con
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> >Subject: [bf1942] the pure / unpure server issue - need clarification
> >Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 00:16:17 +0200
> >
> >this may be boring to most by now but from what ea has been
> issueing i see
> >it this way:
> >
> >server is unpure - everything is 'fine', you get to connect and play with
> >whatever you have installed, mods and cheats alike
> >
> >server is pure - if you have ANYTHING else but a vanilla install
> of bf1942
> >with 1.4 you get booted off a server. if you have merciless or dc or s9rm
> >you will NOT be able to play on a pure server at all
> >
> >is this correct or am i misreading anything? also there is no sign of the
> >promised feature of admins clearing certain mods. i presume the code is
> >there and will be explained in the readme to the server files?
> >
> >thanks for any info,
> >yokai
> >
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