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Maarten De Meyer keats at prophecy.be
Mon Jun 2 13:36:05 EDT 2003

Good point, I was aware of the hypocrisy of my post (and, sadly, of this
post). I still think though the post was not only way off topic (how on
earth can it be linux server related with no 1.4 linux server out?); but
also answered in the changelog of the leaked 1.4. I also gave him a
civil answer to his question, but generally the post was in the same
lines as "What does the ammo icon mean?". This list is not intended to
be a community, I try to be as helpful and friendly as I can in my own
community. This list deals with the linux server.

I hate to have to defend myself making posts like this that are also way
off topic, but my pride seems to have a way of its own. It will be the
last time in this thread or another though that I explain my posts,
since it only adds to the chaos I try to avoid. Reply once more if you
deem it necessary and lets stop this thread then.

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Van: Chad Rose [mailto:crose at southwestwireless.net] 
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Aan: bf1942 at icculus.org
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I second that... since this list has never stayed on topic... But.. as
server developers, administrators and users.. etc etc.. you ought to be
answering questions that the users using the client end and/or server
without any gripes or complaints... remember you can run the server..
but if
the client user is having problems wouldn't it make sense to assist them
that they can use your server?  And wouldn't it help the server
administrators that have questions to know how to answer them so that
can explain to the users if they have a question about it?  And if I was
list owner I wouldn't have put up with any of the responses like yours
Maarten... because you are only hurting the general attitude of the
community.. not helping it with your 'opinions'...

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First all moron, it was on a linux server and as I guess that youe the
owner NOT! i'll ask any question I want!
I have never seen the skull and crossbones STAY with a player from start
finish of the game, so shove that up your pompas arse!

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From: "Maarten De Meyer" <keats at prophecy.be>
To: <bf1942 at icculus.org>
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2003 12:46 PM
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> Please do not post non-linux-server related (and frankly ignorant)
> questions as this one on this list.
> The answer to your question : the skull and crossbones icon means that
> there is a friendly mine near and you should watch out.
> I have no problem with people playing a leaked patch (I do so myself),
> but take the time to read the changelog or post questions like this on
> forum somewhere.
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> That just means, someone is either dead or spectating right?
> At 12:32 PM 6/2/2003 -0400, you wrote:
> >Is it a known bug or is it a cheat when the icon shows the skill and
> >crossbones?
> >
> >
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